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Why Marblehead

Small town living at its best!

Marblehead is walker-friendly:

Marblehead is a town beckoning you to explore its sights and wander along its streets and byways. Even though I walk every day, I still find new vistas and hidden gardens to enjoy.

The downtown area has several walkways or shortcuts connecting one area of town to another. One of my favorite shortcuts is the path leading down from Lookout Court to Lee Street. The houses along the pathway are beautiful and the views out over Crocker Park and the harbor are wonderful.

Fourth of July Festivities:

The arts are an integral part of the town culture. And you can see it all come alive and come together over the Fourth of July weekend. Exhibits and entertainment fill Marblehead's historic streets.

During the Marblehead Festival of the Arts, the churches and public buildings become galleries for photographs, sculpture, paintings, arts and crafts, children's art, and so much more. Musicians, magicians, and entertainers perform all along Washington Street as part of the Street Festival. Concerts at Crocker Park magnificently blend music with the sights and sounds of the harbor. Volunteering as the co-chairman of the Youth Art for the Festival, I find the Festival an especially exciting and rewarding event.

With a tradition steeped in independence, Marblehead celebrates the Fourth of July with special spirit and vitality. It really is a big event in Marblehead. One of the most amazing things you will ever see is the Harbor Illumination. Imagine sitting on the beach or the rocky bluffs of our harbor filled with boats. As the sun sets, a cannon fires. Bright red flares placed every ten feet around the entire harbor are lit, in what I can only describe as a dazzling ruby necklace. It's extraordinary. And it heralds the spectacular fireworks.

The Horribles Parade is definitely one of the best parades you will ever see! There's a legend behind this event. The town's children had such a long day waiting for the fireworks display that this parade was created to give them something to do to pass the time. The result is a unique parade involving hundreds of kids (and parents assisting) in costumes for categories ranging from current events, history, satire, political commentary, neighborhood issues and just the best of old fashioned fun. Every child who participates receives a shiny new half dollar, candy and ice cream.

Christmas Walk & Holiday Concerts:

The first weekend in December, the shops and restaurants play host to a town-wide open house which ignites our holiday spirit with warm community neighborliness. Santa arrives in Marblehead by lobster boat. And, many of the town's churches host afternoon and evening concerts.

Sailing Regattas:

You don't have to be a sailor or a yachtsman to appreciate the excitement and majesty of Race Week. The last week of July, Marblehead's yacht clubs, easily half a dozen, host this regatta under sail. The New England Championships brings the boats to Marblehead again in August. What a sight! And of course there are the mid-week series, the regular weekend races, frostbite races inside the harbor during the winter, and much more for the boating enthusiasts. Both Fort Sewall and Chandler Hovey Park offer great front seats to all the action.

Town Meeting:

Not every town would consider Town Meeting an event. But, as close to pure democracy as you will find anywhere in the United States, our Town Meetings are most assuredly an event. Votes on policy and legal items are characterized by lively conversation. Town Meeting is never dull. When it's in session, it's the buzz of the town.

Farmers' Market:

Every Saturday morning from May through October, we are fortunate to have a Farmers' Market located on the grounds of the upper Middle School. Fresh produce, local honey, organic meats, freshly caught fish, homemade soaps and candles, handmade hats and purses, even bargain books ... it's wonderful. Plan to come early and visit with your friends and neighbors.